[08] Necessity to maintain support to the aquaculture sector in the Outermost Regions (26.11.2020)

[07] Recommendation on Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing in the Outermost Regions (25.11.2020)

[06] Management plans for deep-sea cartilaginous fish species in the Outermost Regions (20.11.2020)

[05] Quota allocations and the responsible management of tropical tunas in the ORs (04.12.2020)

[04] Contrubuition to the Public Consultation on Fishing opportunities for 2021 under the Common Fisheries Policy (28.08.2020)

[03] Harmonized standards for circular design of fishing gear (16.07.2020)

[02] Multi-AC Advice on the implementation of the Single Use Plastics Directive and operational aspects of the Fishing for Litter Scheme

[01] Annual autonomous tariff quotas for the Canary Islands (25.05.2020)