IPNLF Atlantic Region Manager

«Pictured is Yaiza Dronkers Londoño our IPNLF Atlantic Region Manager.

Yaiza recently oversaw the establishment of the Outermost Regions Advisory Council (CC RUP), providing an opportunity for small-scale fishers in Europe’s most outer regions to advise EU decision-makers. The CC RUP is now the eleventh stakeholder-led fisheries advisory (AC) to be established by the EU. Commenting on the event, Yaiza states: “One-by-one tuna fishers will now have a more direct influence in the EU, through their representation in the CC RUP, which is fantastic news,” she says. “It gives our IPNLF members a chance to have a bigger and more powerful voice in decision-making and in influencing EU fishing policies. We are very excited to help amplify their voices.” On top of this, Yaiza further builds support for policy in global market outreach efforts. We are so grateful to have such a talented member of the IPNLF working to support our fisheries at a stakeholder and policy level. Thank-you, Yaiza.»

«Read more about the CC RUP here: https://buff.ly/35801dQ»

Fonte: Linked in_IPNLF